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4. Elephant Gate at Mysore Palace
Elephant Gate

This ground has 5 entry points, brass gate of ornate is the main doorway to the palace. The gate faces east and is known as Ane Bagilu or Elephant Gate.
All ceremonial processions began outside this gate amidst a kaleidoscope of color and the swirling sounds of marching bands, regiments of soldiers, decorated animals, garlands of flowers, heraldic flags and sacred umbrellas, the king riding in his gold howdah atop elephant would travel through this corridor and head on into town.

The royal family’s coat of arms is skillfully interwoven into the delicate foliage on both the gates. Two lions with elephant heads flank a heraldic crest containing a double-headed eagle – the lion symbolizing power and royalty, and the elephant strength. The Sanskrit motto reads SATYAMEVODDHARAMYAHAM, means “I uphold only the truth” Ghadaberunda, the double headed eagle sits regally on top of both gates. Emblem of Mysore Royal Family.

Mounted heads of two elephants shot in local forests by the king in 1955.


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