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Facilities inside Mysuru Palace

  1. Clean Environment

  2. Braille Guide for Visually Challenged Tourists

  3. Audio Kit Facility for Indians (Optional) and Foreign Visitors (Included in Entrance Fee)

  4. Battery Operated Vehicle

  5. Sound and Light Program regarding History of Mysuru Palace / Wodeyar Dynasty (Latest info on Notice Board)

  6. Free Camera Custody Counter.

  7. Free Cycle Facility for Tourists to cycle inside Palace to see the garden and temples

  8. Free Umbrella Facility for Tourists to avoid rains or bright sun.

  9. Free Wheel Chair Facility.

  10. Free Drinking Water Facility

  11. Free Toilet Facility

  12. Free Stand for Footwear

  13. Govt approved Guides to provide information to Tourists inside Mysuru Palace

  14. Parking Facility for Vehicles

  15. Post Card Photographs of Mysuru Palace for Sale

  16. Hand Book regarding History of Mysuru Palace for Sale



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