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7. Painting of Dasara Procession - Dasara Parade - Cannons & St. Philomena's

Between 1934 and 1945, the Wodeyars commissioned five of the finest artists in Karnataka to paint the glory and grandeur of the Dasara Procession.
26 panels based on actual photographs were created. White oxen pulling the wagons wear their own red and green uniform – cloak adorned with ganda bherunda, the two-headed eagle and insignia of the Mysore royal family. Crowds line the street, and some folk watch from the rooftops. Procession passing by St Philomena’s Cathedral was one of the largest Catholic churches built in India, its two tapering spires rising to a height of 175 feet – nearly 54 metres, the foundation stone of this magnificent neo-Gothic cathedral was laid by the King, Krishanraja Wodeyar the Fourth, in 1933. Schoolgirls peer out from behind the Church wall, but just outside the gate, the priest and European parishioners mingle with the spectators. Above the entrance to the church is a banner with a message of good will, it says “God bless our Maharajah”.

Classic cars from 1930 parked under lamp post of the side street. Horsemen in red uniform each one carrying a gleaming steel sword.


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